Hot Food

Did you know?

The most popular sandwich filling is chicken. Over 30% of all sandwiches sold have a chicken filling.

We have a long standing relationship with Simple Simons and they never let us down. Their food is of the highest quality and we regularly engage them for events.
Natasha Gaudin
Development manager
Beaulieu Foundation

Enjoy a cooked breakfast or a hearty lunch on our al fresco area. Or take a cooked lunch back to work and make every one wish they had done the same!

From the Griddle and Oven
Sausages or bacon
Bacon & egg, bacon & brie, BLT, bacon and mushroom
Bacon & sausage, sausage & egg, sausage & cheese
Bacon & sausage & egg
Bacon, egg and 2 sausages on French
Steak & onions on French
Plain omelette Roll
Ham or mushroom or cheese omelette rolls
Beef burger
Cheese burger or bacon burger
Bacon cheese burger
Chips with cheese
Chip butty
Sausages and chips
Meats and chips
Sausages, egg and chips
Cornish pasties
Cheese and onion pasties
Sausage rolls
Omelette plain in a box
Full breakfast-2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, tomato, beans, mushrooms with toast and tea or coffee
Scrambled eggs in a box
Scrambled, poached or fried eggs on toast
Omelette various in a box
Beans, mushrooms or tomatoes on toast
Cheese or ham or mushroom
Cheese and ham
Jacket Potatoes
Chancre crab
Prawn or seafood
Chicken or meats or tuna
Cheese or egg
Beans & cheese
Bean jacket
Plain buttered jacket
Side Orders
Coleslaw portion
Buttered roll
French bread
Toasted items